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Help Is Just An App Away With LifeLine Response

LifeLine Response | Premier Personal Safety App by Clandestine iconLifeLine Response | Premier Personal Safety App ($3.99) by Clandestine provides peace of mind during uncertain times. Say, for example, you just got done with a long day at the office and you’re walking to your car in a parking garage at night. Sure, you may assess the situation for any threats, but what if you didn’t see a threat coming?
LifeLine Response | Premier Personal Safety App by Clandestine screenshotThat’s where this app comes in. Using one of its two modes you can set the clock rolling on a countdown that could potentially save your life. Thumb mode is without a doubt the most intriguing feature of this app. Similar to a “dead man’s switch," you keep your thumb pressed to the screen. Simply lift your thumb and the alarm is activated. This is unlike “panic” apps, such as Attack Alarm SMS and SafetyGrid, that require opening the app to activate an alarm. Lifting your thumb is a more likely response in a life threatening situation, rather than sliding to unlock your phone, possibly entering your passcode, and finally getting to the app. Even if you put the app on the first screen, you’re not guaranteed the phone will unlock to it. The second mode doesn’t even require a touch. Timer mode will count down from anywhere up to 90 minutes. This is a good tool for if your hands are busy holding bags or if you’re going for a run. Both modes operate differently, but they come to the same conclusion: raising the alarm and calling for help. The volume level is set to maximum, your camera flash goes crazy, and a male or female voice sternly warns that the authorities have been contacted and are en route.
LifeLine Response | Premier Personal Safety App by Clandestine screenshotWithin seconds the call center will get in touch with you asking if you are all right. If not, they will call your local police department. Another feature is that the app generates a silent alarm code. You can tell the call center that code, which may sound to an attacker that you are disarming the phone, when really you’re still silently monitored. Additionally, your movement is tracked via GPS, and a text message with your coordinates is sent to all of the contacts you’ve entered into the app. For $3.99 you get full access to the app for a 45 day trial. After that, an in-app purchase of $21.99 is required as an annual subscription fee. The price tag may be off-putting to some, but you’re paying for access to a responsive call center that takes your safety seriously. Saving your life? Yeah, there’s an app for that. You can see a video of the app’s features here.
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