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Throw Out Your Old Way Of Playing Music And Listen With Listen Instead

Throw Out Your Old Way Of Playing Music And Listen With Listen Instead

September 28, 2012
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Listen ($0.99) by Daft Logic Studio is a new music listening app that lets you rediscover your own library of songs in a whole new way. Why play songs by your favorite bands the boring old way when you can listen with Listen?

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This interesting app allows users to have access to their music library through gesture controls. You can skip songs, pause playback, send music to Apple TV, and more with just a swipe or a pinch. You no longer have to be held down by the shackles of Apple’s music player design.

To play a song, simply open the app. It will randomly select a song from your device’s music library. Don’t want to hear that one? Skip it by touching and swiping to either the left or the right of the screen. When you touch the icon in the center, it will shrink down and show you your various control options.

To skip songs, drag the center icon across the double arrows on the left or right side and let go. If you just want to fast forward or rewind to a different part of a song, drag the center icon to the control and hold it there. It will scrub forward or backward to your desired location.

You can adjust the volume by dragging the icon upward or downward and holding it there until the app changes your audio settings. You can also send your music to Apple TV and share with friends and family through Twitter, Facebook, messaging, or email.

The point of this app is to let the user rediscover their music library by randomly selecting songs to play. It works like the shuffle feature on your music player.

If you would rather have more control over the music you listen to, you can select songs from a list by pinching outward on the device’s screen. This gesture will open a list of all songs, albums, artists, and playlists. Pick the song you want and it will begin playing right away.

This app is minimalistic in its features. Its main purpose is to act as an elegantly designed song shuffler. The price is reasonably low at only $0.99. If you like the idea of an app that looks great, uses gesture controls, and shuffles your device’s music for you, check this one out.

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