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Paint Life Back Into A Colorless World In Lost Colors

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Lost Colors ($1.99) by West Sybe Games Lost Colors is a universal game that bears quite a bit of resemblance to popular puzzle title Contre Jour, but plays differently. As the story goes, a once colorful, joyous world lost its spirit when a dark force stole the colors.

It is your job to help the monster inhabitants of this world regain their color by re-painting them using plant machines to direct the flow of paint in each level.

Every black and white level will have a color sprayer, and it's your job to pick up and move the little plant machines into the spray, using drag gestures. These machines will allow you to control and direct the spray of paint, and your goal is to paint each crystal in the level with these paint streams and then paint the monster, which will, in turn, end the level.

Lost Colors by West Sybe Games screenshot

That is all the rather simplistic gameplay consists of - using different devices to change the flow of the paint to reach all crystals in the level is what you'll be doing. Different plants have different properties, so you will need to figure out which to use and where to use them, which keeps the game dynamic. You will also need to rotate the sprayers in the right directions, and take advantage of each of their unique properties.

You don't need to fill all of the crystals to finish a level, but if you want the maximum score, that's your goal. You can skip through levels by painting each monster directly.

Lost Colors by West Sybe Games screenshot

Lost Colors has three different cities that you will visit (the City of Mushrooms, the City of Thorns, and the City of Trees) that span 60 different levels, so there's plenty of gameplay. You'll also get a nice mix of equipment to use during each level, which provides a lot of variation in the gameplay.

Overall, Lost Colors is a challenging and fun puzzle game that has impressive graphics, I just wish it didn't take so many stylistic cues from Contre Jour. Still, Lost Colors is pleasing to look at, and the levels give quite a bit of challenge, so this is a puzzle game worth downloading. I would wait for a sale, though, as it is a bit overpriced.

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