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Match All The Creatures You Can With Mooniz HD

Match All The Creatures You Can With Mooniz HD

September 24, 2012
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Mooniz-HD ($1.99) by Mooniz Interactive Ltd is a match-three game where three is just not enough. Tap the little moon dudes out of existence for big points and big laughs. If you are lucky, they will show you their fannies.

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Players start with a screen full of Mooniz creatures that happily fill up the empty space and wait to be tapped out. As they fall, they group up, hopefully with their own color, so that you can rid the screen of them. The more Mooniz you tap out at a time, the higher your score. Three will get you points, but larger groups of Mooniz will get you stars.

If you collect lots of stars, you might just trigger the Madness round where all the Mooniz show you their backside and you must tap away at them as fast as possible to earn points.

In Classic mode, players need a specific number of stars in order to proceed to the next level. Each level requires an increase of 10 stars in order to complete. For example, you only need 20 stars to complete the first level but you need 60 to pass level five.

In Rush mode, players have to reach 100 stars within a specific amount of time. Players use coins that they earn to add bonus power ups. These special Mooniz will do things like, turn all surrounding creatures one color or add five seconds to the clock. The power ups last through three games and players can add up to three bonuses at a time.

The only problem I have with this game is that I can’t figure out how points are scored. I don’t understand why I earn stars for some groups of Mooniz but not for others. I’d like to see a rulebook that explains scoring.

This fun game is action-packed and hard to put down. It is less of a puzzle game and more of a mindless tapping game. Your speed at removing large numbers of Mooniz is more useful than your strategy at getting them off the board. Fans of matching games will get a kick out of this one. It is fun to play and easy to understand. It is definitely worth adding to your gaming folder.

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