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Keep The Bunnies Out Of The Hat In oOh!!Bunnies

Keep The Bunnies Out Of The Hat In oOh!!Bunnies

September 9, 2012
oOH!Bunnies by Blue Shadow Games S.L. icon

oOH!Bunnies (Free) by Blue Shadow Games S.L. has you trying to keep the bunnies out of the magician’s hat.

We’ve just about all seen the trick where a bunny gets pulled out of a hat, but did you ever stop to think how it got there in the first place? This game aims to answer that very question.

Just because the bunnies get pulled out doesn’t necessarily mean that they wanted to be there in the first place. As the bunnies fall toward the stage, you’ll need to save them from falling into the magician’s hat.

oOH!Bunnies by Blue Shadow Games S.L. screenshot

The game is played by simply swiping anywhere on the screen, just as you would in Cut the Rope . A line of tied handkerchiefs will appear where you swiped. Use the line to bounce bunnies away from the magician, or use it as a net to stall some time.

A magic wand at the bottom of the screen serves as an indicator of how many scarves you can draw before you run out of magic. A full indicator also means you can cast spells.

You have a bank of three magic cards that can be used to give you an advantage. Shocking the magician to buy some time, making longer lines, and making bunnies fall through the magician’s hat are just some of the options.

Bumpers line both of the sides, which can be used to send the bunnies on the opposite side of the magician.

oOH!Bunnies by Blue Shadow Games S.L. screenshot

However, watch out for falling rats (a good rule of thumb in general). If the magician catches a rat, he’ll go into a rage. During this time the bumpers get locked down or even become electrified.

The whole look and feel of the game is reminiscent of Frog Storm, in that it’s quirky and addictive.

This is definitely a fun game to pick up if you have some time to play. It’s free, and there aren’t any ads to be found (always my favorite combination). A $0.99 in-app purchase will unlock all of the levels, though they can also become unlocked just by playing the game.

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