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Go Coconuts In Pin Tiki Ball Free

Go Coconuts In Pin Tiki Ball Free

September 23, 2012
Pin Tiki Ball Free by Operatio icon

Pin Tiki Ball Free (Free) by Operatio provides a pinball experience with an island flair.

Gameplay takes place on a tropical island filled with bamboo ramps, tiki statues, palm trees, and a volcano. This game is a departure from more realistic pinball apps, such as Art of Pinball - Speed King.

Pin Tiki Ball Free by Operatio screenshot

The game starts by launching the ball out of the volcano and then it’s up to you to keep it in play for as long as possible.

Tap each of the flippers in order to activate them. They are very responsive, allowing you to hit the ball just when needed.

Another feature that activates when tapping the flipper is a piece of bamboo extending from the other end of it. This can be helpful for not only blocking the ball from passing to the side of the flipper, but also for “trapping” the ball.

A trapped ball will roll down the flipper until you choose the exact moment you want to hit it.

You can hit the ball at the trio of palm trees ahead of the flippers in order to knock fruit from them. Coconuts, bananas, and watermelons act as balls as they roll toward the flippers.

However, they are not too strong, and will split as if the Fruit Ninja slashed them.

There is an option available to change the camera view from either a high angle (where you’re looking down on the field) to a low angle (where you’re on the same vantage point as the field).

The low angle view provides a better view of the action, though it comes at a cost of having the flippers right in front of your view.

Pin Tiki Ball Free by Operatio screenshot

Some measures are in place to make playing the free version just a tad unbearable.

For example, between each game you’ll have to wait through a four second countdown. All the while, the developer advertises the other titles available from them.

Using just the free version, you’re excluded from two other updates: dark island and happy end.

The full version also has local high scores saved, as well as Game Center integration for scores and achievements.

For free, I’d certainly recommend this pinball game a shot.

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