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Quirky App Of The Day: Animal Plague Sends A Pox Upon You And Your Clinic

Quirky App Of The Day: Animal Plague Sends A Pox Upon You And Your Clinic

September 20, 2012
In Animal Plague, a horrible sickness has broken out and infected all the animals in the surrounding area. As they stagger into the hospital looking like hungover high school students, it's your job to cure them before they spread the scourge any further. The animals come slogging in from the left side of the screen, through different doors. It would be too easy if there was only one door, right? To cure them of their ailment, slide the cure down the counter like you went to a decent barkeep school instead of a medical school. However, the clinic is so poor that a single broken glass will cost you a life. Well, one of your game lives. It's not like an animal will drop dead over it. The animals don't care that a broken glass will cause you consternation. They're sick. They're cranky. They're under the influence of whatever was in that green slime you prescribed to them. They're going to slide that glass right back to the end of the counter whether you're there to catch it or not. So, you have to book it from line to line to both give out the medicine and retrieve those glasses that must have cost a fortune. Ironically, you're a turtle. There is some help from the clinic. Two different suitcases are used a boosts. The blue cases will slow everyone down to give you time to catch up. The red cases will instantly cure everyone. In a pinch, you have turtle shells you can throw down the counter to cure everyone in that particular line. I suppose it's like Mario Kart. I don't know what's in that shell, but it must be a costly miracle cure. Kudos to the developers for creating a fun game that doesn't have ads on the screen during gameplay. Yeah, there's an offer for a free app in the App Store, but that's in between levels or after you die. It drives me crazy to interrupt a game because me finger accidentally brushed the ad. Animal Plague is available at the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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