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Quirky App Of The Day: Joy Desk Brings Happiness To Your Work Space

Quirky App Of The Day: Joy Desk Brings Happiness To Your Work Space

September 29, 2012
I love quick and easy puzzles. They are simple to pick up and put back down, and they tease your brain without giving you a headache. Joy Desk is an interesting puzzle game that features loads of levels, with more on the way, and a cute design. Joy Desk has note cards that you place and rotate to move the ball to the stars. The notecards are on a wooden desk, and the cards are even lined like index cards. It's adorable. I love app graphics that seem to be hand drawn. I'm not sure why, but it adds a little something extra special in my eyes. Whether it's stick figures, lined notebook backgrounds, or doodled settings, I love hand drawn apps. The gameplay is easy, but the puzzles are difficult. It's an easy thing to move and rotate the cards. There aren't any complicated combos or gestures to worry about. Exactly where and how to move and rotate is what gets you. Some puzzles come with a few dozen levels. I say that while realizing that coming up with a few dozen different puzzle levels is quite the feat. It's not that easy to think of all those different ways to manipulate the puzzle. However, Joy Desk has an impressive 80 levels. They also advertise that there are even more to come. Considering it's a paid app, they definitely give you a lot for your money. The levels don't have a scoring system. It's a matter of passing or not. Once you pass, you unlock the next level. Straightforward and simple. No stars. No score. No promises of donating your kidney to the developers in exchange for passage onto the next level. What about those few tricky levels that trip you up until you have an epiphany in the middle of the night about how to pass it? Never fear. There's no need to grab your iDevice in the middle of the night before you forget how to pass the level. There are pass cards. You can elect to pass a level and move onto the next one. This can help prevent Joy Desk from being one of those apps on your phone that you haven't played for a while because you got stuck. Joy Desk is available in the App Store for $0.99.  

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