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Quirky App Of The Day: Scrub Your iDevice Squeaky Clean

Quirky App Of The Day: Scrub Your iDevice Squeaky Clean

September 16, 2012
I spend a lot of time cleaning whether I want to or not. So, why in the world would I want to play with an app that focuses on cleaning? Well, Squeaky Clean makes it fun, I don't get dish pan hands, and my skin doesn't smell like cleanser for hours. Squeaky Clean shows a bubble with an item in the middle. It's something like a bathtub or a remote. You know, those things that get ridiculously filthy without any effort. From the edges, little colorful dots that represent microbes start reproducing like rabbits. On the left side, you have a sponge, a spray bottle, and antibacterial gel. The sponge handles most of the cleaning. After a little while, the sponge runs out of water and needs to be refilled. Just tap on the sponge icon to get it wet again. The spray bottle handles a large area of the microbes. After tapping the icon, tap the screen as often as possible. The spray bottle thins the ranks of the microbes, but you'll still need some hefty backup from the sponge to get things really clean. The antibacterial gel is awesome. Just tap the icon and pick a spot on the screen. The antibacterial gel will nuke the area of any microbes. If the microbes get to close to the middle bubble, the game is over. So, that's your defense area. There's also a timer to be aware of. Once you clean every speck of dirt and grim from the screen, you can advance to the next level. Your high scores can actually earn you some store credit from their website They have cute plush toys of every imaginable disease or germ. After you lose a level, you can check to see if your high score qualifies for a coupon by tapping the yellow star. If you qualify, a white receipt pops up with a coupon code. Squeaky Clean is available at the App Store for $0.99.

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