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The New iPhone Video You Have To See

The New iPhone Video You Have To See

September 5, 2012
A new video is making the rounds that reportedly shows the new iPhone in the wild. Apparently, the video was the result of a visit to Foxconn’s factory in Jincheng, China, according to M.I.C. Gadget.

According to the report, someone “accidently” discovered an “iPhone 5” prototype while visiting a friend at Foxconn. Naturally, there is no way to confirm whether the video is real. Still, it should be noted that the handset in the video looks very similar to the iPhone models that have been floating around the blogosphere in recent months. Take a look:

Like most of you, we’ve grown tired of iPhone rumors. Luckily, Apple will finally unveil their handset one week from today on Sept. 12. Of course, after that we’ll begin talking about the 2013 iPhone, as the cycle begins anew. Source: M.I.C. Gadget

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