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Today's Best Apps: KickStarter+, Joya, Lego Collectors And More

Today's Best Apps: KickStarter+, Joya, Lego Collectors And More

September 13, 2012

While we were busting our butts covering yesterday's incredible iPhone event, this edition of Today’s Best Apps will feature the most promising releases from the last 48 hours.


KickStarter+ by Ronen (Free, 255.4 KB): KickStarter+ is an app for the popular funding platform. The app allows you to browse projects on the site and you can filter them by category. You can also search through projects and view videos in one click.


Joya by Happy Bits (Free, 8.1 MB): Joya allows you to share everyday moments with close family and friends. The app allows you to upload videos and give access to specific people. You can create a video roll and share multiple videos as well. You will also get notified when your videos are watched.


LEGO Collectors for iPad by Sort It! Apps ($5.99, 8.8 MB): Keep a track of your LEGO collection with LEGO Collectors for the iPad. This app allows you to enter information about a set you own and then organizes that set with its box, on a shelf. You can view a coverflow of all of your box sets as well. You can sort your LEGO sets alphabetically and add additional details.

Hexols by NUARD Coding (Free, 23.0 MB): Create mosaic drawings with Hexols for the iPad. The app allows you to build whatever you can think of using colorful hexagons. There are no borders so there is no limit on how big your image is. You can rotate shapes as well. The app allows you to share your pictures on Facebook or via email.

That’s it for today. Did we miss anything?

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