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First Look: Taskbox - Mail Could Become A Worthy Sparrow Alternative

First Look: Taskbox - Mail Could Become A Worthy Sparrow Alternative

October 5, 2012
Sparrow for iPhone users still concerned about what Google’s purchase of the popular email client will eventually mean to their favorite app now have another choice to consider. Currently in “open beta,” Taskbox – Mail turns your inbox into a task list with encouraging results. Email is necessary, but also time-consuming. Each day, we spend a great deal of time checking our inbox to see if anything new has arrived. Unfortunately, on the road anyway, we do little beyond this. After all, who has time to respond to emails when waiting in line at Starbucks? Taskbox – Mail changes this by bringing some sense of order to the chaos. Instead of letting emails sit in the catchall inbox, the app offers ways to organize them. This includes the ability to set priorities, apply due dates, and create assignments for you and your contacts. Take a look:

I’ve been using Taskbox for about a month. Overall, I found that the app works as intended. Still, it isn’t a finished product, nor do its creators claim it to be. In fact, Taskbox remains a Kickstarter project through the end of the month. Because of this, it would be inappropriate to offer a full review, which I will not. From what I’ve seen, however, Taskbox looks promising and I recommend that our readers check it out. Currently available as a version 1.0 release, Taskbox – Mail only works with Google’s Gmail at this time. However, future updates will support email from other providers. Taskbox - Mail is available for download in the App Store. For related information, see Not A Google Fan? Here Are Some Sparrow Alternatives For OS X And iOS and Google Has Taken Over Sparrow, Now What?.

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