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First World Problems: SNL Parodies iPhone 5 Critics And Tech Sites

October 16, 2012
On last week’s "Saturday Night Live," which was hosted by Christina Applegate, one funny sketch featured Tech Talk, a faux talk show where pretend iPhone hating critics from sites like Wired, CNET, and Gizmodo were put in their place by iPhone factory workers. In the skit, common iPhone complaints about the Maps app, the camera, and the design are exaggerated and heavily mocked. “It’s just too thin and too light. I mean, I know we asked for a phone that was lighter and thinner, but this is ridiculous. I mean, I feel like I’m holding three pieces of paper stapled together, not a smartphone,” complained the faux Dennis Metcalf from Gizmodo. After speaking to the techies, Christina Applegate’s character welcomed three peasant workers from the factories where the iPhone was made, causing the bloggers to quickly backpedal after realizing the insignificance of their complaints. “You wanted Starbucks, but it took you to Dunkin’ Donuts?” said one worker in an exaggerated (and offensive) Chinese accent. “That must be so hard for you.” A moment later, faux Metcalf complained about how easily the casing of the iPhone scratched as the Chinese workers played a sad violin. It’s funny, but it’s also a stark reminder of our willful forgetfulness when it comes to the origin of our precious iDevices. Watch it yourself here:

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