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Get Some Fresh Cheddar With The Latest Update

Get Some Fresh Cheddar With The Latest Update

October 12, 2012

Back in June, Cheddar first came out, and it was a fast and elegant solution for those who wanted simple lists, without the whole GTD concept. It also provided a feature that is absent from other list apps, which I’m sure that many could appreciate.

In my original review, I praised Cheddar because of the clean and simple interface. I was never a big fan of the color orange, but Sam Soffes chose just the right shade of orange to skin the app with. The logo looks great, and I love the fact that the font used is Gotham by H&FJ. It all looks so good together.

Cheddar is a service, though anyone can have a free account. This will limit you to two lists, and premium subscribers get unlimited lists. Creating lists is easy, and adding items to them is even easier. A text field is at the top, where you can just type in what you need and it gets added immediately, complete with quick and invisible syncing to the web counterpart.

The best thing about Cheddar is the fact that it supports John Gruber’s Markdown syntax. So when you add items to your lists, you can add bold, italicize, bold italics, strikethrough, code, links, and emoji to your tasks. You can also filter out items by using hashtags. It’s all a very easy to understand system that does not take much time to get used to.

Cheddar originally came out in June, and hasn’t been updated until today, but it brings along a boatload of new goodies.

First thing, the app is now optimized for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. That’s right — no more letterboxing for you iPhone 5 owners. If you are not a fan of portrait typing on the iPhone, good news — there is now landscape support in Cheddar 1.1. Additionally, an extra keyboard row has been added to make it even easier to add tags and format your items in Markdown. If you have added many links to your items, there is now an in-app browser for viewing them, so no more having to open mobile Safari.

There are also some smaller improvements, such as moving items between lists on the iPhone, TextExpander support, font and size preferences, multiple tag filtering, and more.

The full 1.1 change log:

What’s new

★ iPhone 5 & iOS 6 support

★ Full landscape support on iPhone

★ Extra keyboard keys to make typing tags and markdown easier

★ In-app browser for links

✔ Move tasks between lists (currently only on iPhone)

✔ URL scheme for use with other apps like LaunchCenter Pro

✔ TextExpander support

✔ Preference for font and text size

✔ Preference to make tapping a task do nothing, complete, or edit the task

✔ Support for filtering with multiple tags

✔ Remembers selected list across launches

✔ Finish adding tasks by pressing Go with an empty task

☂ Lots of bug fixes

Offline support and other great features will be coming in the next update!

If you’re looking for a minimal and fast solution for lists with complete Markdown support, then look no further than Cheddar. It’s free to use on your iPhone and iPad, though you can upgrade to a Pro account for a monthly fee on the website or through in-app purchases.

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