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Handmade Highlights: Keep That New iPhone 5 Safe With One Of These Monster Sleeves

Handmade Highlights: Keep That New iPhone 5 Safe With One Of These Monster Sleeves

October 2, 2012
Last week’s Handmade Highlights taught you how to make a stylus with nothing more than an X-Acto knife, some conductive foam, and a bit of tape. This week, it’s all about the iPhone 5. We finally started getting our iPhones in the mail on Sept. 21, and all of those shiny new phones are in desperate need of encasement to keep them blemish free. Since the iPhone 5 is still so new, the pickings are admittedly slim, but I have hunted down a few drool worthy sleeves that are guaranteed to make you go “awwwww.” Why sleeves? The iPhone 5 is amazingly thin and light. Covering it up with a case almost seems like a crime, doesn’t it? A sleeve, though, will keep your iPhone safe while allowing you to use it case free - it’s the best of both worlds. These adorable little monster cases come from Etsy seller Svetlana, who makes them from 100 percent felt in Germany, for her shop EthicStyle. The cases, which come in a variety of white and brown colors, feature toothy monster mouths that are hungry for your iPhone. The best part? These are made for the iPhone 5, and they won’t break the bank at just $24. Thanks to their thick felted outer layer, these monsters will protect your phone from scratches, dust, and low impact drops. Don’t have an iPhone 5? You can get one for the iPhone 4 too.

Not a fan of monsters? How about pandas? This Panda iPhone 5 sleeve, also made from felt, is ridiculously cute. It comes with an extra pocket on the back to hold your cards, and a loop on the paws will even hold onto your earphones. Sweet and functional!

Looking for something a little deadlier? Angry Ninja to the rescue!

What do you think of these iPhone 5 sleeves? Would you use one? Too cutesy? Not cutesy enough? I like the functionality of the Panda case, but I can’t pass up that toothy monster mouth. Adorable. Want even more Handmade Highlights? Check out the archives for my past posts. As always, if you know an item or a crafter that you would like to see featured, make sure to get in touch with me through email or Twitter.

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