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The Devil’s Attorney Doesn’t Offer Plea Bargains

The Devil’s Attorney Doesn’t Offer Plea Bargains

October 11, 2012

Devil's Attorney ($2.99) by 1337 Game Design AB is a witty turn-based strategy game for the iPad and iPhone that puts you in the seat of a ruthless attorney who will stop at nothing to become the wealthiest lawyer around. A good attorney’s motto is “Never plead guilty.”


The game starts with a clever intro that seems like it just came out of a sitcom in 1987. You’ll be singing along to The Devils’ Attorney before you know it. The goal of the game is to win cases. Players start off in a dirty apartment near a dingy office in the bad part of town. They must work their way to fame and fortune through winning cases for their low paying clients.

As you win cases, you can use your fees to purchase upgrades to your apartment that will ultimately increase your stats.

In each case, players are faced with their opponent’s prosecutor, a couple of witnesses, and some evidence. Each round of battle includes an attack from both sides.

For example, players can use the “Cross-Examine” attack to deal three to five points of damage to an opponent’s witness. The attack costs four action points. Players have a limited number of action points, but can continue attacking until all the points are gone for that round. If the witness you attacked only has three hit points, then you’ve taken him out and can move on to the next enemy.

In order to win a case, players must eliminate all of their opponent’s characters. Different cases offer various levels of difficulty. For example, in one case the prosecutor adds four damage points to all witnesses and there are three witnesses. There is no way you can take out all three witnesses and the prosecutor in one round. You must strategize the best way to attack so that you receive the least amount of damage during your opponent’s turn.

As you win cases, you buy furniture for your apartment and fancy new suits. Each new item that you buy adds a point to your stats. For example, buy a new couch to add one point to your Decadence stat. Buy cuff links to add additional damage to one of your special skills.

As the game progresses, clients pay more for your services, but new items cost more as well. Additionally, your opponent becomes more difficult to beat and you’ll find that a well-planned strategy will get you farther.

This universal game is witty, entertaining, and engaging. It looks great, has interesting dialog and offers challenging turn-based strategy gaming that will keep you playing for hours. It is reasonably priced at only $2.99 and is a must-have app for fans of stats driven battle games.

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