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Test Your Reflexes While Running Through The Sci-Fi World Of Polara

Test Your Reflexes While Running Through The Sci-Fi World Of Polara

October 11, 2012
Polara by Hope This Works Games Inc. icon

Polara ($0.99) by Hope This Works Games Inc. is a new free-runner game that will definitely draw you in. While this is not an endless runner, it works basically the same way, though there are actual ends to a level.

I love the running genre of games, because they are extremely simple to play, but also prove to be quite a challenge as you make progress. And on iOS devices? Well, they just seem perfectly made for the platform. Polara is no different.

Polara starts off with a story involving Agent Lara, who is a defense systems special agent. The conflict is within her being in a massive world power while also feeling sympathy for the rebel causes. Throughout the game, you’ll get cutscenes that will reveal more about Lara’s past, present, and future. This is definitely a story for those who enjoy sci-fi.

Polara by Hope This Works Games Inc. screenshot

Before you really get into the game, there will be a brief tutorial. Lara will run on her own, so it will be up to you to time her jumps by tapping on the right side of the screen. Tapping the left side will change her suit color between blue and red, which you will need to coordinate at the correct times to prevent death.

So what do I mean when I say you have to switch suit colors? There will be obstacles that you will come across as you run that will be blue or red. Lasers, speed ramps, launch pads, energy platforms, and more — they will all be a certain color, and you must match that color in order to get past the obstacle. For example, if you are in the red suit while trying to run through some blue lasers, you will die. You’ll have to think fast and be ready to change colors at a moment’s notice.

The game will consist of 50 levels, and there are also four boss fights. Each level will have checkpoints for you to reach, so that if you die, you can just pick up the game from the last checkpoint. You can die as many times as you want in the story mode, since you don’t really get a score. It will definitely take some getting used to, so prepare to die a few times before completing some levels.

Polara by Hope This Works Games Inc. screenshot

As you go through the Story mode, you will eventually unlock a total of six endless modes, with randomly generated levels. These will be scored, and you can climb the leaderboards in Game Center to see who's the best. There are also 32 achievements to obtain as well.

The game’s graphics look stunning, even though it’s not optimized for the iPhone 5 yet. However, everything appears crisp and sharp, and all animations are incredibly fluid. And the music sounds like something you’d hear in an actual sci-fi flick.

I am a fan of free runner and endless runner games, and Polara definitely has what you need. Amazing visuals, captivating soundtrack, engaging and challenging gameplay, plenty of modes — it’s all here.

If you're a fan of the genre, then make sure to give Polara a try. It's available for your iPhone and iPad as a universal app and is only $0.99 in the App Store.

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