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Quirky App Of The Day: You 4 Prez Could Put You In The White House

Quirky App Of The Day: You 4 Prez Could Put You In The White House

October 20, 2012
It's that time, folks. We've had a president for four years, and now we vote about whether to keep him or change it up with a different person. The media is going crazy. Facebook is a battleground. It's time for the humorous political apps to lighten the mood. You 4 Prez is the universal app for the job. Contrary to its name, you're not actually building your own campaign. I'm sorry if that's disappointing, but, hey, there are fun quizzes you can take to see what president you most resemble. There are two types of quizzes. There's the long form and the short form. Which form you choose will determine how many questions you answer about your blossoming political career. Before I get angry comments, I'm going to admit freely that these questions are all just for fun. I'm also aware that many readers aren't from the United States. That's all right. You can still answer some questions about ridiculous political opinions. The point is to have fun. Once you've completed your quiz, your results are displayed. You are shown which of the previous presidents you most resemble. I had fun giving the most ridiculous answers I could, and I ended up being four different presidents. That's right. There's too much of my personality to be contained by one president. Each result is divided up into six different parts. There's personal life, campaign, domestic policy, foreign policy, morality, and overall. The initial result that you're presented with is the overall president that you resemble. As you go from category to category, there are other presidents that you resemble in that particular area. There are Game Center achievements that come with this app. Basically, it just keeps track of how many times you took the quizzes. I would be at peace with my inner self if I didn't make it to the top of this particular leader board. I'll save it for the more aspiring nominees. You 4 Prez is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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