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Snap Spot: Improve Your iPhone Photos And Videos With The SlingShot Phone Grip And Tripod

Snap Spot: Improve Your iPhone Photos And Videos With The SlingShot Phone Grip And Tripod

October 9, 2012
The last edition of Snap Spot was all about the impressive Holga iPhone Case, which is designed to allow you to spice up your photos with an array of fun filters. This week I’ve hunted down another awesome accessory for you, the SlingShot, which is a versatile device that serves as a phone grip and tripod for taking ultra sharp videos and pictures.

I don’t take a lot of videos on my iPhone, because when I do, they tend to look like a sugar-fueled 3-year-old doing jumping jacks with the hiccups took them. I’m certain that my videos could make even the most stalwart seafarer motion sick. That all changed when the SlingShot came into my life. This is a simple device, but oh so useful. The Good The SlingShot attaches to any phone (it worked with both my iPhone 4 and my iPhone 5, and it’ll even work with Android devices) because it has a bendy cradle. Just open it up, nestle your phone inside, and you’re ready to start taking photos or video. It’s incredibly easy to use.

The swivel head lets you move your phone into any angle, and the handle provides a surprising amount of stability when shooting video. I can now make feature length films of my cats, complete with panning and zooming, but with little shakiness. Don’t worry, I won’t subject you to my kitty masterpieces. When using the SlingShot, you can take video from new and exciting angles. It’s got a secure grip - don’t be afraid to hold your iPhone out of a car window or off of a roof. In addition to working as a stabilizing grip, the SlingShot also functions as a tripod. You can snap out the two additional legs from the handle, and set it on any surface, where it will sit and take flawless video. You can take photos using it as a tripod too, but there might be a little bit of shake because you have to touch it to snap the photo.

Finally, if working as a tripod and a grip weren’t enough, you can also use this accessory to attach your phone to any other tripod. The top unscrews, and then the base screws in to any standard tripod on the market. I tested it with my DSLR’s GorillaPod, which let me shoot from some interesting angles.

The Bad Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about the SlingShot. I guess I could complain a bit about the construction. It’s not made from super high quality materials - it is plastic, but it’s a sturdy plastic. What more can I ask for with a $20 price tag?

Verdict If you want to take better video, or get some crystal clear shots with your phone, then the SlingShot is an excellent investment. It’s portable, ultra functional, and priced right. The SlingShot comes from the Internet’s number one iPhonography store, Photojojo. If there’s an awesome accessory that’s available for the iPhone or other cameras, Photojojo will have it. You can get the SlingShot for just $20 from the site, a small price to pay for much improved videos and pictures. For previous editions of Snap Spot, check out the archives. And as always, if you have any suggestions for products and apps that you’d like to see featured here, make sure to get in touch with me.

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