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Today's Best Apps: He-Man, Totem Runner, N.Y. Zombies 2 And More

Today's Best Apps: He-Man, Totem Runner, N.Y. Zombies 2 And More

October 25, 2012
Today’s Best Apps features the most promising releases from the last 24 hours. Thousands of apps get approved by Apple daily and we hand-select what we think are the new potential gems that we’re considering for review each day.


Penny Arcade's On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 by TinkerHouse Games ($2.99, 134.8 MB): Penny Arcade releases their very own action-adventure retro game for iOS. You do not need any previous experience from the Rain-Slick series to play the game. The game features both a fixed or swipe D-pad. The title includes the original game that was released on Steam and Xbox.

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe™ by Chillingo Ltd ($0.99, 109.6 MB): Defeat the evil forces of Skeletor in the official He-Man game for iOS. This sidescrolling game features 27 action packed levels for you to play. There are seven areas you will play in. The game features simple controls and has great cartoony graphics.

Totem Runner by Chillingo Ltd ($0.99, 63.8 MB): Totem Runner is an action adventure game for iOS. In this game you must collect gems and battle with other creatures along the way. You can also transform into a bird, beast, or man.

Zombiewood by Gameloft (Free, 228.6 MB): Zombiewood is a top-down shooting game where you must kill hordes of zombies. There are 11 different movies and 10 unique game modes to be played. You can zap, boil, and burn zombies with over 20 wild weapons.

Punch Quest by Rocketcat Games (Free, 13.4 MB): Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game for iOS. The objective of the game is to pummel your way through dungeons full of monsters. You can ride dinosaurs that shoot lasers out of their mouths too. The game lets you unlock many special moves and abilities as well.

Wizardlings by SQUARE ENIX (Free, 44.0 MB): Wizardlings is an RPG game for iOS. You must travel through cursed landscapes and battle dozens of enemies while completing quests. The game allows you to "spread light" across the map after acquiring mana and spell ingredients. There are 56 landscapes to discover and over 50 spells to master in this game.

N.Y.Zombies 2 by Foursaken Media ($1.99, 435.9 MB): The sequel to the popular N.Y. Zombies game is finally out. New York Zombies 2 puts you in the shoes of an ordinary person who has to try and survive a zombie apocalypse. The game features a co-op multiplayer mode so that you can team up with three friends and attempt to defeat the zombie horde. You can fight up to 30 zombies at a time and explore a broken down Times Square, Central Park, and more.

That’s it for today. Did we miss anything?

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