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Unboxing Videos Unveil New iPods Don't Include Full Feature EarPods

Unboxing Videos Unveil New iPods Don't Include Full Feature EarPods

October 9, 2012
First unveiled at Apple’s iPhone 5 event last month, the updated iPod touch and iPod nano are beginning to ship to customers. As they do, we’re hearing more about the EarPods that are included with each device. The fifth-generation iPod touch and seventh-generation iPod nano do ship with Apple’s new EarPods. However, they aren’t the same as the ones shipping with the iPhone 5, according to the Japanese blog Macotakara. Like Apple’s previous Earphones, the EarPods that ship with the iPods don’t include integrated controls or a built-in microphone. Additionally, the EarPods don’t come in a reusable plastic case with a cover like those that ship with the iPhone 5. Instead, they come with disposable packaging without a lid. However, as this video demonstration shows, the iPhone’s EarPod works just fine on the iPod nano for recording voice memos. Take a look:

Here is the iPod touch unboxing video:

Also available as a separate purchase, the $29 EarPods sold by Apple include remote and microphone functionality. Note that the original Earphones still ship with the iPod shuffle and iPod classic. For additional reading, see The iPod Touch Receives Substantial Upgrade And Siri Support and Apple Now Accepting Orders For The New iPod touch, Featuring New Colors And The Loop. Source: Macotakara Via: AppleInsider

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