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Yelp Gets A Scary Update That Includes An Explore The Menu Feature

October 30, 2012
Yelp, the popular service that tells you what is closest to you, has received a scary iOS update. Yelp 6.3.0 is available now in the App Store. The free app now includes a new explore the menu feature, which is perfect for when you need to find a place nearby to eat. The feature allows you to browse a restaurant’s menu along with photos and reviews. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work within the iPad app. Instead, you’re offered links to actual menus, when available. By contrast, the explore the menu feature is available on Yelp’s iPhone app, and also through the Yelp website. The latter also works on the iPad via mobile Safari by visiting [caption id="attachment_351707" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Yelp on iPad Yelp on iPad[/caption] Other Yelp 6.3.0 features include:
We completely rebuilt our iPhone homepage notification bar to make it even easier to respond to friend requests, approve compliments, and view your past likes and comments. Create more expressive and helpful tips on iPhone by attaching a photo to them.
They have also added a “spooky Halloween surprise for you.” However, I have yet to find it. Yelp is available as a universal app.  

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