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AppAdvice Goes Hands-On With The Fourth Generation iPad

AppAdvice Goes Hands-On With The Fourth Generation iPad

November 2, 2012
Back in March, Apple introduced us to the the new iPad. The stunning Retina display was an amazing innovation and the overall performance was much better than the iPad 2. Less than a year after the third generation iPad was released, Apple has decided to replaced it. In my opinion, this is the iPad Apple originally wanted to release. Like many, I was a angry at the fact that I had just purchased an iPad back in March. I’m not sure why Cupertino decided to shake things up and release the fourth generation iPad so soon, but I’m definitely not complaining about the performance boost. On the outside, the only difference is the addition of a Lightning port. Any other differences between the two are tucked away within the body, but those internal components provide twice the speed over the third generation iPad. Check out our hands-on video below:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

If you already have a third generation iPad, I’d wait until next year’s release to upgrade. Aside from that, I’d definitely recommend this to anyone else. It’s a huge leap in performance and you’ll definitely notice a difference if you’re still using a first or second generation iPad. Not into the fourth generation iPad? Check out our hands-on coverage of the iPad mini.

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