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Apple Expected To Offer Unlocked iPhone 5 Models Very Soon

November 5, 2012
Unlocked iPhone 5s should soon be arriving in the U.S., at least according to a leaked page on Apple’s website. The page, which was first uncovered by AppleInsider, remains available, however, sales links are yet to be activated. A quick search for “iPhone 5 factory unlocked,” on the Apple store website unveils prices for both GSM and CDMA handset models. These range from $649 to $849, with shipments available in 3-4 weeks. Unlocked phones aren’t attached to a specific carrier. In other words, you pay the full price for your iPhone upfront and then decide which carrier you'd like to use. This choice can be changed as often as you'd like depending on where you are. [caption id="attachment_353441" align="aligncenter" width="661"]Unlocked iPhone 5s Unlocked iPhone 5s[/caption] Although unlocked iPhone 5s are available elsewhere, they remain elusive here in the U.S. The prices listed here, if valid, are similar to what Apple was charging for unlocked iPhone 4S models. These sales went live approximately one month after the fifth generation handset went on sale. The iPhone 5 launched on Sept. 21. Source: AppleInsider

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