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Exclusive: Crittercism Joins Forces With StackMob

Exclusive: Crittercism Joins Forces With StackMob

November 13, 2012

Crittercism, the world’s first Mobile App Performance Management (APM) platform, has announced a new partnership with StackMob, a leading mobile app development platform. The partnership will deliver crash reporting and mobile app performance diagnostic services to 15,000 StackMob developers.

With the new offering, developers now have command of all the cloud services they need to develop, deploy, monitor, and improve app performance in real-time, and in one location. As a result, developers are not only able to streamline development, they can now also pinpoint when and where their apps are crashing, discover and fix the specific causes of problems, analyze user behavior, and track custom attributes in order to optimize app performance. Through StackMob’s new, developer-ready, Marketplace for API modules, developers and enterprises can now easily install and integrate Crittercism into their mobile applications in just one click. Carefully tested and approved by the StackMob engineering team, every API module available in the marketplace can be integrated with a one-click installation. Featuring modules from a broad set of technologies such as analytics, API integration, advertising, commerce and more, the StackMob Marketplace helps developers get to market faster with fewer development resources. According to Kumi Walker, vice president of business development at StackMob:
By teaming up with Crittercism we are able to better support our developers. Being able to effectively monitor mobile app performance is critical to any developer’s customer support and monetization strategy, as this has a direct impact on store ratings, customer reviews, engagement and ultimately revenues.
Says Andrew Levy, Crittercism’s co-founder and CEO:
This partnership is significant for the mobile app community in that developers are now able to build, deploy, monitor and manage their mobile apps at a rapid pace from a single view. We are excited to partner with platforms like StackMob to help developers streamline their workload, while helping to evolve the way developers are building, monitoring and managing their apps.
To get started, app developers can download and install Crittercism’s SDK from this Web link and see all bugs identified in their code in real-time. In addition to Crash Reporting, Crittercism offers other advanced features such as Handled Exceptions, Breadcrumbs, Metadata, and Dynamic Real-Time Alerts. In October, Crittercism launched the first ever mobile app crash report for HTML5, mobile Web, and hybrid apps. The service allows developers to view errors and issues through a real-time app performance monitoring service.
This new partnership sounds exciting and one that can help developers better streamline their app maintenance process.

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