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Grow And Collect Mystical Creatures With Mandora

Grow And Collect Mystical Creatures With Mandora

November 24, 2012
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Mandora (Free) by Rayark Inc. is a game for kids that anyone can enjoy. It's set in Moonycat Village where wizards practice growing and collecting Mandoras.

Mandoras are cute, magical creatures that aren't only used as ingredients, but as pets and fashionable accessories for wizards too.

You start the game with a tutorial that teaches you how to pluck the perfect Mandora. The Mandoras grow from the ground, and your job is to pluck them at the right time. Plucking them too early means they're too young, but leave them too long and they wither.

Mandora by Rayark Inc. screenshot

Plucking sessions happen in rounds that last only a few seconds, so you need to be lightning fast to collect as many Mandoras as possible. You earn points for each Mandora you pluck, and after each round you're graded on how well you performed.

Bonus Mandoras, that can help you earn more points, occasionally show up. Some increase your time limit, and others let you pluck a handful of Mandoras in one go.

There's a diary that shows all the different types of Mandora that you've collected. Some are easy to find while others only show up every once in a while. There are 20 different types of Mandora, so the challenge is to try and find at least one of each, which is harder than it sounds. Some rarely show up, and when they do they disappear pretty quickly.

Mandora by Rayark Inc. screenshot

Playing Mandora at different times changes the environment in the game. It's a quirky feature that I'm sure the younger generation will appreciate.

Mandora is clearly made for kids, but I have to admit I really enjoyed playing it. The gameplay is simple yet addictive, and beating your high score by plucking the bonus Mandoras is really satisfying.

Because each round of plucking only lasts a few seconds, it's perfect for playing when you have a few spare minutes to waste.

You can get Mandora for both the iPhone and iPad free in the App Store.

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