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Having Problems Charging Your Fourth-Generation iPad?

Having Problems Charging Your Fourth-Generation iPad?

November 3, 2012
We have received a number of reports from readers indicating that they cannot charge a fourth-generation iPad with their Mac. The same thing happened to me when I first received my new tablet. Strangely, the problem has since resolved itself. In my case, my iPad with Retina display was plugged into my 2010 iMac. This was done as I restored my tablet from iCloud. At the time, I received the following message: After the restore process was complete, and I drained the iPad's battery completely, I used a power outlet to fully recharged it overnight. Now, charging the iOS device with my iMac works fine. In fact, I can now charge my fourth-generation iPad and iPhone 5 with my Mac at the same. For those having similar charging issues with the iPad with Retina display, we suggest looking at these Apple support documents: iPad: Charging the battery and Apple Computers and Displays: Powering peripherals through USB. The second of these includes the following relevant statement:
How many devices can I connect? Multiple devices can receive high power simultaneously until the extra power is consumed. If further devices are connected requesting additional power, they will default to the maximum the port allows or the device will not function until the original device (or devices) using the extra power is removed.
We'll let you know if we hear any additional information on this issue. In the meantime, if troubleshooting doesn't resolve your issue, contact Apple. Who else is having this issue?

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