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Lumigon Welcomes All To The Dangerous World Of Vanster

Lumigon Welcomes All To The Dangerous World Of Vanster

November 13, 2012
Purumiru Entertainment will soon release Lumigon, a casual side-scrolling game for the iPhone/iPod touch. The game, which arrives in the App Store towards the end of November, includes two modes, story and survival. In Lumigon, you dive into the world of Vanster, where dreary roads and wild creatures await. Join Pina and Purumi as they set off on their quest to reclaim the missing pieces of the shattered moon. Along the way, you must defend the world from a plague known as "The Darkness." Unlike other “endless runner” games, Lumigon features a narrative, which you uncover as you progress through Story mode, along with a unique combo point system. This is based on the collection of “Lunas,” which is the currency and main resource of the game. As different colored Lunas are collected, you are able to perform a “Combo,” which activates a special ability that will allow you to gain extra points for every enemy you disintegrate. If that isn’t challenging enough, Survival mode is the classic endless runner game, where you’ll continually progress to beat your previous score. Or, you may compete against your friends over Facebook. The result is an interesting game that will remind many of the classic Pacman game, except with modern foes and rules. Features include:
  • Grab all the Lunas and advance Purumi through his five different forms.
  • Play 'Story mode' and unravel the mystery behind the shattered moon, or compete with your friends on Facebook with 'Survival mode'
  • Collect Lunas of the same color to activate the 'Flamethrower' or 'Bubble shield' special ability.
  • Acquire the 'Flame Dash' and 'Dragonfire Charge' power-orbs to turn Purumi into a burning behemoth, blow up everything in your way!
  • Become a Luna magnet! Or how about a shining beacon of light? Why not walk through different dimensions altogether?
  • If you can't beat them? DESTROY THEM! Unleash Purumi's ultimate ability, the 'Purumi Blitz'
Take a look:

Lumigon looks promising and we will certainly let you know when it arrives in the App Store.