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Partake In Some Virtual Currency Wars In Coin Army

Partake In Some Virtual Currency Wars In Coin Army

November 3, 2012
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Coin Army (Free) by Chillingo Ltd is a unique game from publisher Chillingo, which has offered other recent popular titles like Dead Stop and Zombie Rollers. In Coin Army, you will battle in a coin-based war.

Enemy tanks and soldiers will attack, hurling coin after coin at you. Your job is to defend yourself and retaliate, by slinging some currency of your own.

When I downloaded this game and opened it, I was immediately reminded of the coin-pushing games that can be found in brick and mortar arcades. In those games you use a claw to push coins or tokens over a ledge, and are rewarded with tickets in return.

Coin Army by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

Coin Army is visually similar to those types of games. You have a virtual coin ledge and attacking enemies on the other side. With a finger, you hurl coins at the tanks and soldiers that approach.

Each coin will drain life from the enemy forces. When an enemy dies, you will earn more coins, which can then be flung at more enemies, in a never ending war.

The art style in Coin Army is overly simplistic and not entirely visually appealing, but the gameplay is fun. You're judged on how many hits you make versus how many coins you throw, and you'll also need to use the shield buttons on the side of the screen to block incoming attack.

Coin Army by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

Coin Army is chaotic and unique, but a bit repetitive after you've played for a few minutes.

This is a free game, so there is an advertisement at the bottom. I found it to be entirely distracting, and it costs $7.99 to remove it, which is ridiculous. There are also in-app purchases for additional coins.

Coins are not unlimited, and you will need to buy more at regular intervals. I was only able to play for about 10 minutes before I ran entirely out of coins, and while there is a countdown to get more, waiting for additional coins is slow and frustrating.

You won't be able to progress through this game without purchasing coins unless you want to spend a lot of time waiting. Combined with the advertisements on the bottom of the screen, I found Coin Army to be more irritating than fun. It also sent unrequested notifications, which I find intolerable. I'd take a pass on this one, even though it's a free download.

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