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EEK! Watch Out For Incoming Asteroids

EEK! Watch Out For Incoming Asteroids

November 6, 2012
EEK! by Don

EEK! ($0.99) by Don't Step On The Cracks is a fun new survival game for the iPhone and iPad that will have you tilting your way through an asteroid field of epic proportions. If you don’t know what a spaceship looks like don’t worry, this app will tell you.

EEK! by Don

Players control a spaceship and must maneuver through a mess of fireballs, comets, and space garbage. The movement is controlled by tilt controls. Players avoid incoming attacks while collecting gold coins that are floating through space.

This is a very simple game. Players must avoid crashing into obstacles, and that is basically it. Even simpler is the fact that the spaceships, fireballs, comets, and space garbage are nothing more that words on the screen. For example, instead of your spaceship looking like a rocket or plane, it looks like the word “spaceship.” As fireballs fly past you, they don’t look like orange and yellow flaming balls. They look like the word, “Fireball.” Even explosions produce the word, “explosion.”

This game is unbelievably difficult and unbelievably fun. You will never be able to avoid all incoming asteroids, but the further you get, the more points you will earn and the more achievements you will unlock, which increases your point multiplier.

Players collect gold coins that appear after asteroids collide. Find enough coins and power ups will appear. Power ups will make your ship temporarily invulnerable so you can crash into incoming asteroids.

This universal game is so fun that it is sure to be a big hit in the App Store. It is very hard to play, but so easy to try again that you don’t feel frustrated when you crash immediately. The price is just right at $0.99. If you are looking for an action-packed arcade game, this one is great.

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