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Create Fun Photo Mosaics Of All Your iPhone Pictures With Mymosaic

Create Fun Photo Mosaics Of All Your iPhone Pictures With Mymosaic

November 15, 2012
mymosaic - photo mosaic maker by MindTrip Studios icon

mymosaic - photo mosaic maker ($0.99) by MindTrip Studios is a simple but powerful photo editing app that allows you to create unique tiled mosaics from iOS photos.

When you open the app, you will be prompted to take a photo or to select one from the camera roll. From there, you can select from different options to customize your photo mosaic.

There are slider bars that allow you to alter the number of tiles, the color shift, and the variety in your mosaic. The slider bars are not explained and don't have exact numbers.

The app has no preview functionality, so its impossible to tell the outcome until the mosaic is created, the number changes the amount of tiles used to create the image, while color shift controls contrast and variety controls the shape.

mymosaic - photo mosaic maker by MindTrip Studios screenshot

You can also choose to put a frame around your finished product in this menu, and you will need to select the photos to build the mosaic from. You can select any of your iOS photo folders, but unfortunately, you can't select individual photos.

When you have selected your desired parameters, tapping "create mosaic" will begin the conversion process. Depending on the features you have chosen, it might take quite some time for the app to generate a finished mosaic.

What you end up with is a mosaic of your original image, composed from other iOS pictures. For example, I made one mosaic of all my cat pictures, so I selected a main picture, and used the rest of my pictures to create the tiles.

mymosaic - photo mosaic maker by MindTrip Studios screenshot

The app arranges the photos in color order, so photos that are light will be used appropriately to fill in light areas, while dark photos will fill in dark spots.

This effect isn't visible on the iPhone's small screen without zooming in, but the cool thing about this app is that it makes poster-sized printable files, so you can print a poster up to 30 by 30 inches, composed of a whole slew of different iOS photos.

When you print a file that big, you will be able to see each individual photo, which could make for some striking artwork. You can also share your mosaic on your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.

If you want to create some fun gifts this holiday season, mymosaic is a fun app to try. You will need to do some prep work organizing your photos because the app doesn't let you select them individually, but if you have the time, it's worth the $0.99.

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