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Keep Track Of Your Internet Ego With StatNut

Keep Track Of Your Internet Ego With StatNut

November 9, 2012
StatNut by Shiny Frog di Matteo Rattotti e C. S.N.C. icon

StatNut ($0.99) by Shiny Frog di Matteo Rattotti e C. S.N.C. and FFFABS gives you all of your social stats in one centralized app. We all have an e-ego to maintain, right? What better way to keep track of it than with an app dedicated to doing just that?

The first thing that caught my eye with StatNut is the design. Simply put, it's beautiful. Each service is color coded, and when you have multiple accounts linked, the app's colorful ribbons just pop out at you. Another part of the design that I'm loving is the sans serif typeface used — it makes reading numbers quite an easy feat. It goes incredibly well with the overall design of the app.

StatNut by Shiny Frog di Matteo Rattotti e C. S.N.C. screenshot

But enough about the how the app looks. The first thing you’ll see when you launch it is a bunch of square tiles with the various logos for social networks on them. Currently, StatNut provides support for Dribbble, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram. Just select a tile to add your account. For most of them, all you need to input is a username, and you can have multiple accounts. However, for Facebook and Instagram, you can only add one account. Adding a Tumblr will require both your username and password. Dribbble also only works with player accounts, not spectator, so be aware of that.

Once you have added your accounts, the main screen of the app will be populated with colorful ribbons. As I mentioned before, these will be color-coded so you can easily tell them apart from each other. These ribbons can scroll horizontally to display more information.

Pulling the ribbon all the way to the right will reveal an eye that has an animation of it opening up as you pull. When it’s fully open, it will take you to view your profile in mobile Safari, or if you’re doing it with Instagram, it will launch the app. Sliding the ribbon from the left will reveal a gear icon, which then takes you to the settings for that account. You can edit it, or delete it.

StatNut by Shiny Frog di Matteo Rattotti e C. S.N.C. screenshot

To refresh your stats at any time, just pull the screen down, thanks to the natural pull-to-refresh gesture. Pulling the screen up will take you back to the “New Account” screen, with all of the tiles for you to select from.

So far, I have to admit that I’m enjoying using the app to see how much of an Internet ego I have. The typeface is easy-to-read and has everything at-a-glance in a beautiful package. If you care about tracking your social stats, then this is the app to do it with. I hope to see the app add the ability to add your own websites to it — I’m a bit surprised that it doesn’t have this, actually.

Regardless, if the information about your Internet social status matters to you, then this app is worth the dollar you'll spend on it. Get it in the App Store for your iPhone for $0.99.

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