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Steve Wozniak And Danny Trejo Want Vengeance In Woz With A Coz

Steve Wozniak And Danny Trejo Want Vengeance In Woz With A Coz

November 22, 2012
Vengeance: Woz With A Coz by ITN FLIX L.L.C. icon

Vengeance: Woz With A Coz ($0.99) by ITN FLIX L.L.C. has you taking on the role of Steve Wozniak as he teams up with Danny Trejo in an 8-bit, side-scrolling platform adventure. I mean, what's better than the Woz going on a rampage?

Even though graphics keep getting better with advanced technology, it seems that most people still have a soft spot for the vintage graphics from the good old NES days. With that said, I’m pleased to see the 8-bit graphics that Woz With A Coz features. It definitely brings back memories, and it’s pretty awesome to see game sprites that represent Woz and Trejo. You also get to hear the actual voices as well through the in-game dialogue.

Vengeance: Woz With A Coz by ITN FLIX L.L.C. screenshot

So what’s going on in the game? The Woz is going on a date with his wife, J-Woz, when she is suddenly kidnapped by a gang of troublemakers. Woz won’t let this stand, and he teams up with Vengeance to tear through Fusion City in order to save her.

In Woz With A Coz, you can either play as Woz or Trejo, once the option is available. There are various areas in Fusion City, with each one being a level that you must clear in order to move on to the next. In each level, your character will be moving forward automatically, so you just have to control the character’s other movements. Buttons on the left will allow you to jump and slide, and the button on the right makes you do your close-up or ranged attack, depending on how close you are to the enemy. If you hold the jump button longer, you will jump higher and farther.

As you shoot down bad guys and bosses while making your way through Fusion City, you’ll find “Street Kredits,” which are the game’s currency. There are also hidden crosses on each level, which will earn you a perfect rating if you find it. Small crates and barrels can be destroyed to get more SK, but if you run into them (or take hits from enemies), you’ll take some damage, as indicated by your health meter in the top left. Running into large, metal crates will mean the end though, so watch out.

Vengeance: Woz With A Coz by ITN FLIX L.L.C. screenshot

As you collect SK, you can use these in the Store to get various weapon upgrades to make it easier to tear through your foes. There are also in-app purchases for more SK as well, in case you don’t feel like grinding the game to earn more.

I am overall pleased with the premise of the game, but I do find the controls to be a bit frustrating. I wish that there was an option to configure the controls, but there isn’t. Sometimes I find myself pressing the wrong button or even not pressing it because it’s not in a spot that I’m used to with other games. Hopefully this can be added in the future.

Regardless, this is a fun platformer, and hey, it's Woz and Trejo in a game together, on a rampage. What more do you want? I recommend picking this up for some mindless fun this weekend. Get it for $0.99 in the App Store for your iPhone and iPad.

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