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Say Hello To Intel's Tangled Curiosity, A New Game For iOS

Say Hello To Intel's Tangled Curiosity, A New Game For iOS

November 8, 2012
Intel and Discovery Channel have introduced a new game for iOS. Tangled Curiosity offers finger bending puzzles that combine with real-time data feeds from the Web. The result is an interesting new game that looks and sounds great on an iOS device with Retina display. Available for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, the free app is described as a “data toy designed to make playing with live data from the Web fun,” and it really is. At launch, the game offers more than 50 puzzles and live content from Intel, Discovery Channel, and from your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Additional puzzles become unlocked by sharing with friends. Tangled Curiosity’s puzzles require the user to manipulate lines of data and move them to other places on the screen using one or more fingers at the same time. Naturally, each puzzle is more difficult than the last. Along the way, you’ll experience beautiful visuals and a soundtrack that is both calming and exciting. Take a look:

Intel’s Tangled Curiosity is available in the App Store.  

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