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Abracadabrapp 'Analog' App Works With Moleskine Notebook, iPhone

Abracadabrapp 'Analog' App Works With Moleskine Notebook, iPhone

November 26, 2012
Honest&Smile is currently seeking funding for a new product called Abracadabrapp. When completed, it will work with the iPhone and a Moleskine notebook. Abracadabrapp follows the 2011 launch of the company’s The Love Box, a popular hand-made video mixer for iPhone, according to TechCrunch. Abracadabrapp, like Honest&Smile’s previous product, is a so-called “analog app.” This is an object that “uses contraptions to change or alter a smartphone’s functionality in a decidedly homegrown way.” In this case:
The Abracadabrapp uses a small mirror and clever iPhone positioning to capture two sides of a conversation, or two different angles of a scene. Small transparent plastic filters provide image effects, and the whole thing can be broken down in seconds to fit within the Moleskine itself for easy transportation.
Describing an analog app isn’t easy. Instead check out the video below to see exactly what Abracadabrapp really is. Take a look:

From now through Jan. 3, Honest&Smile is seeking funding totaling $2,800 through the Rock The Post website. Preorders for Abracadabrapp start at a pledge level of $28. To date, Honest&Smile has already raised $765. Abracadabrapp is an interesting concept. The fact that it is receiving praise and well wishes from Moleskine could make it a winner. For more information, be sure to visit Rock The Post. Source: TechCrunch