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Sparrow Finally Optimized For The iPhone 5

Sparrow Finally Optimized For The iPhone 5

November 21, 2012
Popular iPhone mail client Sparrow was updated today, finally adding support for both the iPhone 5 and Passbook. Earlier this year, in July, Sparrow was purchased by search engine giant Google, and it was made clear that while the Sparrow team would still support the app with necessary updates, there would be no further feature additions or major upgrades to the app. Many wondered if the app would get an iPhone 5 update at all, but back in September, Sparrow co-founder Dominique Leca told Twitter fans that the app would indeed receive an iPhone 5 update, so since then, it’s been a waiting game.

Sparrow’s iPhone 5 update was ready to go earlier in November, but Apple rejected the newer version of the app because it used unofficial APIs for Rich Text support on iOS 5, forcing Sparrow to provide the update only to users running iOS 6 or risk removal from the App Store. There were a lot of obstacles in the way for this particular Sparrow update, but now, at long last, iPhone 5 users can enjoy Sparrow in its full screen glory. With Passbook support, Sparrow will now recognize .pkpass file attachments, adding them to Apple’s Passbook app when tapped. If you already use Sparrow you can update right now. If you don’t use Sparrow, you can download the mail client from the App Store for $2.99.

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