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Today's Best Apps: Jet Raiders, Timee And More

Today's Best Apps: Jet Raiders, Timee And More

November 18, 2012
Today’s Best Apps features the most promising releases from the last 24 hours. Thousands of apps get approved by Apple daily and we hand-select what we think are the new potential gems that we’re considering for review each day.


Jet Raiders by BYTERUSH ($1.99, 273.6 MB): Jet Raiders is an arcade shooter game for iOS. The objective of the game is to destroy hordes of enemies and pass through each stage as fast as you can. You can fly airplanes, jets, and helicopters in this game.


Timee by snAPProducts ($1.99, 1.5 MB): Timee is a simple time tracker for iOS. The app allows you to start, stop, or switch between tasks with intuitive taps. You can also browse through all your lists and data by searching for keywords.


Emperor Galactics Domination by WhitePig ($2.99, 67.3 MB): Emperor Galactics Domination is a strategy game for the iPad. In this game you must use tactical skills to control entire galaxies and become emperor. The game features 30 diverse solar systems and seven levels of AI. There are three different races to choose in this game.

That’s it for today. Did we miss anything?

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