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Watch All Your Favorite Warner Brothers Shows With Day After US

Watch All Your Favorite Warner Brothers Shows With Day After US

November 16, 2012
Warner Bros. Entertainment released a new streaming television app yesterday, Day After US, which allows users in the United States to watch all of their favorite shows the day after they play on television. The app currently features episodes of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and The Big Bang Theory. While fans of Warner Bros. shows can watch the first episode in an available series for free, subsequent episodes of both 30 and 60 minute shows will cost $2.99 for standard definition and $3.99 for high definition. You can purchase a season pass, which varies in price depending on the show and the number of episodes. For example, a season pass for The Big Bang Theory will run you $37.99 for standard definition and $43.99 for high definition.

Vampire Diaries is priced at the same rate, and since Gossip Girl has a shorter season, it will cost $24.99 for SD or $30.99 for HD. These prices are in line with what iTunes is able to offer. iTunes has the same television shows for $2.99 for HD versions, or $44.99 for a season pass, compared to Warner Bros. price of $43.99 (Big Bang Theory). The shows in Day After US, which come in at 1.5GB for an hour long episode, can be downloaded for offline playback. You can also stream them instantly over WiFi, and the app offers multiple languages with dynamic subtitles and localized audio dubs. You watch shows right on your iPad or your iPhone, or send them to your Apple TV to watch on the big screen. Episodes of these shows may not be cheap, but the app does offer fast, high quality video with offline downloads and without commercial interruptions. You can download the Day After US from the App Store for free.

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