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Are Apps Coming To The Apple TV This Week?

Are Apps Coming To The Apple TV This Week?

December 10, 2012
Apple’s “hobby” product could soon be getting an appy update. Apple TV may finally be getting apps, according to Mac OS Ken: The Posterous Edition. Currently, Apple TV viewers are seeing links that suggest apps are coming – as early as this week. The reason for the optimism is that each link is holiday themed. As the blog suggests:
So I lunged for my Apple TV remote and my iPhone. Here's what I found when I went Movies> Genres> Classics> Holiday Music, Movies, and More (third row down): … … There is nothing for sale when one clicks on one of these tiles, nor is there even anything displayed (and inexplicably nothing under the tile for "A Celtic Christmas" either). And yet it sure seems as if Apple has plans for apps for Apple TV very soon. How popular will "Holiday Cooking Apps" be 16 days from now?

We’re going to keep an eye on this possible development. If Apple were to begin offering Apple TV apps, it would most likely occur tomorrow, Dec. 11. Tuesday is typically the day Cupertino releases new products. Apple TV apps have long been rumored. However, so far these have been only that – rumors. Source: Mac OS Ken: The Posterous Edition

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