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Beam Me Up Scotty! AirLink Allows Up To 10 iOS Devices To Stream Photos To TV

Beam Me Up Scotty! AirLink Allows Up To 10 iOS Devices To Stream Photos To TV

December 7, 2012
One of the many advantages of owning an Apple TV is being able to stream photos from iOS devices. For those not willing to spend $99 for a new Apple TV, consider AirLink. For $1.99, the universal app will stream photos to any television using an HDMI or VGA cable. To do so, you will need two iOS devices on the same Wi-Fi network. One will act as the receiver, while the other one will serve as the sender. The steps are as follows:
  1. Connect one iOS device to the TV as receiver, via HDMI or VGA cable. Then open the AirLink app.
  2. Open AirLink app on a second iOS device (sender), it will connect to the receiver device automatically.
  3. Open photos from AirLink app on sender, they just appear on TV in a snap! Pinch and zoom also supported.
This sounds like a nice concept, but one that might not be necessary for most users. With a Lightning to VGA adapter, for example, you can do this using only one device. Under this scenario you aren't technically streaming photos, but rather using the cable to do so. Still, it is the same idea. Where AirLink could be worthwhile is at family gatherings and parties, when up to 10 devices could beam to the same receiver connected to a television. Friends and family could take turns beaming photos from their own iPhone or iPad to the TV. AirLink is available in the App Store.  

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