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Before You Buy The Belkin Car Charger With Lightning Connector, You'll Want To Read This

December 5, 2012
If you’ve been waiting for a good car charger for your iPhone 5, Belkin may finally have a solution. Recently, I picked up Belkin’s new Car Charger with Lightning Connector. While Belkin usually does a pretty good job manufacturing third party iOS device accessories, with this one they have missed the mark for many users. I realize this is just a car charger, but the way that Belkin implemented the Lightning connector was kind of disappointing. The bottom line is, the plastic surrounding the actual Lightning connector is too thick. This may not cause problems for everyone, but there are definitely limitations to this fancy car charger. Check out our video overview below: Overall, the functionality of Belkin's Car Charger with Lightning Connector is great. It works just like any other car charger and is also compatible with all of the new Lightning port equipped iOS devices. The downside is, it’s incompatible with certain types of cases. Ironically, I had trouble using it with a Belkin iPhone 5 case. The plastic surrounding the Lightning connector made the plug too thick to fit in the square hole on my Belkin case. Sure that’s not a huge deal, but I feel like they could have definitely made the plug thinner. This car charger will work great with all iOS devices that have a Lightning connector port, but it won’t work with every case on the market. Another alternative is to purchase a car adapter with a USB port and just bring along your Lightning cable or buy an extra one. If you don't mind the case compatibility issues, the Belkin Car Charger with Lightning Connector is available at the Apple Store for $29.95.

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