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Did You Know That Your Mom Is A Super Hero?

Did You Know That Your Mom Is A Super Hero?

December 26, 2012
When I was a kid, it seemed like mom was always well equipped with whatever I needed for the afternoon. Her overstuffed purse seemed to have no bottom. If I were cold, she’d pull out a sweater. If I were hungry, she’d have a box of cookies. She was always prepared to do whatever it took to give me what I needed on any outing we were on. According to Digit Entertainment, that is because our moms have superpowers. Those overstuffed purses? Pocketbooks of Power. In Mom vs Bad, players help Mom rescue kittens, puppies, piggies and other animals that are being thrown from high balconies by the evil, Bad. Flick parachutes from Mom’s Pocketbook of Power to catch the falling furries. Bad is a tricky villain. He’ll also drop flaming crates and barrels to try to stop Mom from rescuing the pets.

Mom vs Bad was created for the iPhone and iPad and was developed by Steve Kaplan, who said his own mother and her battles with cancer inspired the game. “We set out to create a game that celebrates Mom and makes her the hero she really is. It’s a fun game where users play a super hero mom and guide her as she helps rescue animals in trouble!”
Features include: • 3 unique adventures • 30 challenges • Super slow motion!! • Bonus animals for extra points!! • Many falling obstacles to avoid!! • Purchase adventure and challenge keys to keep you moving forward!!
You can download the game for free in the App Store today. “In a world where heroes are important, no one is more important than Mom!” Check out the trailer below to see the adorable action. If you are having trouble seeing the clip, click here for a direct link to the video on YouTube.

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