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Find Fascinating Factoids About Your Neighborhood With Sitegeist

Find Fascinating Factoids About Your Neighborhood With Sitegeist

December 14, 2012
Sitegeist is a fascinating new app that compiles information and random statistics from the area around you, providing a new look at hot spots nearby both at home and on the road. The app pulls its information about people, housing, history, and environment from several sources, like the U.S. Census Bureau,, Yelp, and Foursquare, so the random factoids that it displays are always varied. In the Bay Area, for example, Sitegeist points out that the average age is 35 years and six months, and that the population is heavily democratic. The median home value is $669,500, while the average rent is $1,439 per month. Those are just a few of the fun factoids that this app displays.

You can explore anywhere in the world by tapping and holding to select a new location in the location panel, though some areas have limited or no information available, which does limit the functionality of the app in rural spots. It also provides just a small set of facts, which means it’s not great for repeated use. Despite its limitations, Sitegeist is a free app and well worth the download to check out what it says about your area. It’s also great for finding fun facts when traveling, and if you’re the kind of person that likes to delight friends and family with interesting tidbits, Sitegeist is a must have. You can download Sitegeist from the App Store for free.

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