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Griffin Survivor Review: Bulk Up Your Fifth Generation iPod touch With Protection

Griffin Survivor Review: Bulk Up Your Fifth Generation iPod touch With Protection

December 10, 2012
If you’ve been searching for a case to protect your fifth generation iPod touch, Griffin may have a solution. The Griffin Survivor may be a bulky case, but it’s one of the best ways to keep your iPod touch scratch and scuff free. This case has a built in screen protector and two layers of protection. The first layer is a hard plastic shell that encases your iPod touch adding a plastic screen protector and a snug fit. The outer rubber layer covers the plastic case providing a decent amount of grip and shock absorption. The Survivor case also has a rotatable door to take advantage of the iPod’s camera, but it doesn't include an opening for Apple’s Loop accessory. This case isn’t waterproof, but Griffin claims the Survivor is shock, rain, and sand resistant. I can’t completely vouch for the durability of this case in every situation, but it does feel solid in the hand. More than anything, it will give you some confidence when using your iPod touch in the wild. Griffin's Survivor case also includes a belt clip, but it's nothing to write home about. For a detailed look at the Griffin Survivor case, check out our video overview below:

The Good

The Survivor is definitely one of the most protective cases your money can buy. I currently have another version of this case on my fourth generation iPod touch and it has definitely helped keep it in great shape. The built in screen protector sits perfectly flush with the iPod’s screen and the Survivor also has port protectors to help keep dust out.

The Bad

There’s definitely a good amount of bulk added to the iPod touch with this case, but it’s necessary for the added protection. Because this is a layered case, it's not the easiest to take off. Once you get the Survivor on your iPod touch, it's probably best to leave it there for a while. As I noted above, the Griffin Survivor does not support Apple’s Loop accessory, but that’s really a small sacrifice for the durability. Also, the included plastic belt clip feels very cheap and I wouldn't trust it to secure the iPod touch to anything.

The Verdict

Overall, I think this is a must-have case for anyone looking to protect the fifth generation iPod touch in the best way possible. It’s great for adults or children and won’t break the bank. The Griffin Survivor for the fifth generation iPod touch is available in a variety of colors for around $40 at various retailers.

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