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Handmade Highlights: Duct Tape Cases For Your iPad

Handmade Highlights: Duct Tape Cases For Your iPad

December 11, 2012
Last time on Handmade Highlights I shared some iPad mini cases that would make great holiday gifts, and this week, I’ve got something for the full sized iPad - cases made from duct tape.

Duct tape is amazing because it’s durable, comes in a huge array of colors, and can be used to create all kinds of things. That’s why Eric, the mind behind the iPad cases I’m featuring today, turned to duct tape when he couldn’t find a slim, folio style case for his iPad 2. His desire for an easily removable iPad case prompted him to design a case made from duct tape that used a built-in magnetic system to hold the iPad in place. The result? The awesome iPad Duct Tape Magnetic Jackets on his website.

The core of the case uses sturdy but flexible plywood, with six neodymium magnets, functioning a lot like Apple’s own Smart Cover. The iPad rests against the magnets, which hold it in place, and additional corner tabs mean your iPad is secure at all times. It's also lined with soft felt, so your iPad won't get any scratches.

Eric’s iPad cases come in a wide variety of designs. His most popular item is the Doctor Who TARDIS style iPad Duct Tape Magnetic Jacket, which you see above, but he can create cases with other designs as well, including custom options.

Want your own custom case from Eric? Just visit his website to send him an email and he’ll get back to you with a quote. The Doctor Who case above retails for $63.50, shipping included. Each order is handmade, so it takes approximately 10 days for your item to ship. Want even more Handmade Highlights? Check out my archives. As always, if you find an awesome handmade item that you would like to see featured, make sure to get in touch.

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