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Primordial Soup Game 3volution Gets New Modes And Bonuses

ZAKI’s 3volution is a game that I reviewed earlier this year, in July. This physics-based arcade title is based on the concept of a primordial soup, where players fling molecules to rack up points. It’s a solid casual game, which was updated this week. There’s an all new tutorial system in place to explain the gameplay, and the game has been altered to let players access the fun Freeplay mode more quickly. There are also new spree bonuses when players perform 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 valid movies in a row, so more points can be racked up than ever before. Finally, ZAKI has added two new modes, DISCO and FOG, along with better graphics and improved Facebook integration. You can get 3volution for just $0.99 during the holidays, which is 50 percent off of the regular price.
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