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What Secrets Exist In Tesla's Electric Mist?

What Secrets Exist In Tesla's Electric Mist?

December 3, 2012

Tesla's Electric Mist ($1.99) by iCOOLgeeks puts you on the trail of discovering a secret experiment gone awry. The trick is that the experiment was done by a one Nicola Tesla in the 1800s.

You’ll need to travel back in time to not only save the town where the experiment occurs, but also Tesla himself.

This is a point-and-click mystery, along the lines of The Secret of Grisly Manor and The Secret of Moonwall Palace.


Movement is handled by touching the metallic directional arrows. Once in a scene, touching certain areas pulls in to a close up. The close ups serve for finding hidden objects, gathering hints, or solving puzzles.

A backpack serves for holding objects found along the way (such as keys). It can be accessed by touching the blue backpack icon in the bottom right corner.

Consistently tapping along the screen can sometimes yield random achievements that reward the persistent behavior. For example, touching a wooden sign of a chicken gives a “chicken nuggets” achievement.

Once in the scenes, it’s rather easy to spot the item that looks out place. It doesn’t have the same rendered look as the rest of the scene.

It’s kind of like in hand-drawn animation when you can tell that only a certain drawer would open because it was painted differently than the rest.


This sort of meta gameplay is great if you’re looking for a quick solution, but takes away from the gaming experience if you’re looking for a challenge in searching around.

Overall, this is moody and atmospheric game that pays homage to the inventor that the history books wanted to forget. Fans of Tesla or just mysteries in general will appreciate this game.

Use the finger that you would use for showing Edison and tap the buy button on the App Store page.

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