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Snap Spot: Keep Your Phone Safe When Taking Photos With The iPhone Wrist Strap

Snap Spot: Keep Your Phone Safe When Taking Photos With The iPhone Wrist Strap

December 18, 2012
Last week on Snap Spot I shared some great gift ideas for your favorite iPhoneographer, and this week, I’m going to take a closer look at one of the items that I featured, the iPhone Wrist Strap. This handy little accessory is designed to screw in to the bottom of your iPhone, firmly attaching a leather wrist strap that keeps your iPhone safe even when you’re taking pictures in precarious locations, such as over bodies of water or out windows.

The wrist strap is actually quite innovative. It comes in two separate parts, which are bundled together by Photojojo. The first part is the metal strap attachment which screws into the bottom of your phone. It comes with the attachment, two tiny screws, and an iPhone-sized screwdriver to remove the original iPhone screws. This accessory does require you to remove the screws from the bottom of your iPhone near the speaker, which can be tricky. Those screws are tiny, so make sure to work in an area with good lighting and have an extra bag handy to store the screws that you remove. I’m not going to lie - taking those screws out was a bit frustrating, but once I had the accessory attached, it was all worth it. The bracket that screws into your phone is a high quality metal, and it does not interfere in any way with the speakers or the charging port at the bottom. It’s flush with the bottom of the phone, and does not stick out obtrusively. I was able to use a case and I was able to charge my phone with no problems, even with the strap attachment installed.

The strap attachment basically just adds a small metal ring to the bottom of your iPhone, and it can actually be used to attach any kind of strap at all, which is a neat feature. Having a strap installed is useful when taking pictures, but it’s also great in other situations as well. I’ve left the strap permanently on my phone simply because I can now have my phone strap on my wrist, freeing up my hand for other things. I don’t have to worry about losing my phone when out at a party, and I don’t have to fret over dropping it when carrying a bunch of things in my hands. I misplace it much less frequently, so overall, the iPhone Wrist Strap has been hugely useful for me. While you can use any strap, the strap that comes with the kit is a high quality leather that’s both stylish and subdued, making it perfect for all kinds of situations. I got the blue, which is a nice, bright color that matches most outfits and accessories, and the strap itself well made so that I don’t have to worry about breaking it.

I did have one small issue when I lost a screw that came with the kit, so make sure to install those suckers tightly so your iPhone isn’t at risk. It’s also a good idea to check on the screws every now and then to make sure everything is still in place. The wrist strap can be removed at any time, leaving just the small bracket on the phone, which you hardly notice. This means you can use the wrist strap at your leisure if you prefer not to have it on all the time. Photojojo’s iPhone Wrist Strap is one of those accessories that you look at and wonder why no one invented it before. It’s unobtrusive, slim, and incredibly useful if you want an easier way to carry your iPhone, both when taking pictures and just for general use. You can get your very own iPhone Wrist Strap for the iPhone 4/4S or the iPhone 5 for just $35 from the Photojojo website. It comes in three fun colors, red, blue, and brown, and is the perfect gift this holiday season. Want even more Snap Spot? Check out my archives. And as always, if you have a suggestion for an app or an item that you would like to see featured, make sure to get in touch.

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