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TapIN Pro For iPad Creates A One-Step Website Login Process For iPad

TapIN Pro For iPad Creates A One-Step Website Login Process For iPad

December 11, 2012
Most websites today require a login. Unfortunately, keeping track of these credentials isn’t always easy. This is where the new TapIN Pro for iPad app comes in. Created by MyGo Software, the app offers a one-click website login process. It does this by recording username and password information each time you visit a site. TapIN Pro then encrypts this information for later use. Available for $6.99, TapIN Pro uses military grade 256-bit AES encryption to store your information For added security, you can also lock the app using a separate passcode. Full features include:
  • Automatic login to websites. No need to memorize and re-type URLs, usernames or passwords
  • Hardware-accelerated AES encryption and Passcode Auto-Lock keep your data protected
  • Beautiful looking dashboard with thumbnails to easily preview all stored websites
  • Built-in ultra light browser, with full screen view and a draggable toolbar to provide the best screen real estate
  • Adding websites is made easy by using instant search
TapIN Pro looks promising and definitely worth checking out. AppAdvice has a limited number of promo codes available. If you would like to receive TapIN Pro for free, please let us know using the comments below. We’ll be contacting winners via email. Additionally, a free version of TapIN is also available. This version comes with ads and has a website storage limit. TapIN Pro and TapIn - Fast Auto Login Browser are both available in the App Store.

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