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Two New iOS 7 Lock Screen Concepts You Need To See

Two New iOS 7 Lock Screen Concepts You Need To See

December 6, 2012
Apple spent much of the past year improving, or expanding, the company’s line of hardware products. Whether it was iPhone 5, which has a larger screen, or the brand new iPad mini, or the Retina display MacBook Pros, 2012 was a very good year for hardware enthusiasts. In the next year, Apple will almost certainly introduce significant software improvements. In particular, iOS 7 could represent the most significant change to the company’s mobile OS since it first arrived in 2007. We don't yet know what Craig Federighi and Jony Ive have cooked up for the next version of iOS. However, as the new leaders of the division, we can assume that they expect to leave their mark. While we wait for the first iOS 7 preview, which should come in mid-2013, others are already suggesting their own changes. The TechBlock, for example, recently introduced its vision of what the iPhone lock screen should look like post-Scott Forstall. The first new feature is something they call “lockscreen cards.”
Basically, they’re little informative slates that are connected to an app.
In contrast, the grabber is able to open any app action from the bottom of the iPhone screen. These actions are described as anything that one can do with an app. Examples include updating your status on Twitter, to checking in on Foursquare, to taking a picture with Instagram. The TechBlock is definitely onto something here. The features, each which may be described by some as radical, nonetheless take nothing away from the overall look of iOS. Rather, the lockscreen cards and grabber only enhance an operating system, while still good in many respects, is in need of a makeover. Source: The TechBlock Photo: iOS 7 concept logo by iFans

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